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Michael Asher

In the process of restoring a 1929 classic motor yacht built in Scotland in 1929 and listed on the National Ship Register I discovered the battery charging system was not working and consisted of what I thought to be two obsolete alternator/regulators. However on the recommendation of my local garage I was advised to take them to E.S.Alternators.

Not only did they source two identical new regulators without any obvious identification but they repaired one alternator and built another one to exactly the same specification, all while I waited for them in Glasgow to save carriage back to Mull.

Totally professional service at very reasonable cost, cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sam Smart

My Honda CRV had a fault with the airbag system. Honda charged me a small fortune to tell me it was a faulty sensor underneath the passenger seat. They then wanted a second small fortune to fix it,but since it managed to pass its MOT despite the warning light, I didn’t take them up on their offer to relieve me of my hard earned cash.

However as the MOT rules have changed since, at the next MOT the warning light resulted in an epic fail. The guys at Kwik Fit recommended E.S. Alternators, a local, friendly bunch of thoroughly nice chaps. They looked at the car the same day and diagnosed the fault (NOT the same sensor as Honda told me was faulty). The new sensor had to come from Belgium but, even so, they had the car fixed within a couple of days and even took it back round to Kwik Fit to get its MOT. They took pictures of the work they’d done on the car and handed me back the faulty sensor. Unlike the Honda dealership, they didn’t want to charge me the entire GDP of a developing nation and I was delighted with the entire service.

If you need any electrical work done on your vehicle I cannot recommend these guys at E S Alternators more highly.

“I first started using E.S Alternator over 20 years ago, through the motor trade. The service, repairs and technical advice has always been very helpful. I will recommend them for many years to come”.

Michael Duffield



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